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Congratulations to the winner of our Kingdom Conquest contest!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Last week we brought you a contest courtesy of SEGA that offered two pretty great prizes: an 8GB iPod Touch, and the chance to check out a game you might not have before. Yes, according to those who took a look at it, Kingdom Conquest is indeed a prize and proof that good things come in small packages.

As promised, we've got the best entries lined up below for you, but first comes the winning screenshot! Several players with no access to an iOS devise used game screenshots from the site per our suggestion, so while we got a few duplicates, the eye of the beholder saw something different in each case.

Our winner Vin says of the above image: "One of my friends actually has the game on his iPod. I've watched him play it a couple times, and I can honestly say that it looks like a really good MMO. I love the idea of being able to play with other players as well as building a city, but I really like the aspect of getting monsters in the dungeons, which is why I chose this screenshot! It's like bringing a PC game to a portable system!"

Congratulations to our winner! Follow along after the jump to see what else our readers had to say about Kingdom Conquest.

Image 1: I love Kingdom Conquest! I'm a huge SEGA fan, so when it was announced for iOS devices, I had to figure out a way to get it to my old Android phone (if Kingdom Conquest were even on Android, my phone probably wouldn't be able to run it anyway). I did the next best thing, sitting here with a picture taped over, imagining how much fun it could be! Yay!

Image 2
: I would love to give this game a try. It looks like there are a bunch of cool characters to use. I especially like the look of the little sword and shield goblin fellow in the corner. Thanks for the chance to win!

Image 3: I really like the fact that this game is a dungeon crawler with a seemingly important metagame that you're always building toward. It's also free. Anyways, onto the screenshot. It looks like a standard 3-D dungeon-crawler, which is something I love. And after reading that blog a little, I found I can play two of my favorite game genres on one game -- RPG with a little RTS. It really reminds me of Guild Wars, though. Here I am building up my character to be able to take on bigger/harder tasks. But that's not all. I get to build towards my city. And in Guild Wars this reminds me of being part of our guild; we all pitched in to help the "Greater Cause," the greater cause being getting a Sigil and getting our guild hall. And what's after the guild hall? All the merchants money can buy, and after that, Kurz faction points! It would also be nice to have the ability to have an experience similar to this in the palm of my hand.

Image 4: Not about to let a so-called "real boy" invade my turf and despoil my lovely maidens, I launched several magical red fences to hinder his attempt. Following this, I launched a full-scale lemming invasion into his puppet shop and burned his friends to ashes.

Image 5: This screenshot is what caught my eye. The controls are easy to learn and a multiplayer hack'n'slash but only at first sight. I then watched a YouTube video on it and saw there's a whole other side to the game that focuses on building up your kingdom and army. Definitely a lot of variety and fun integration of an adventure RPG and kingdom... conquest.

Image 6: I think what caught my eye was the number of resources and the nice grid layout of the buildings in the city.

Image 7: After doing some reading on the game, this picture was the most interesting to me. Knowing that most of those monsters were probably beaten and caught in a dungeon with other players, and that now you can control them, is sweet. I'd like to be able to roll a healing class and go do some dungeon crawling and build up an army of monsters!

Image 8: I find this screenshot interesting because it shows how good the graphics are, which is quite surprising considering it's a game for iPhone. It also shows how simple it is to access your inventory and other items. From the screenshots it looks amazing, and so are the ratings.

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