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Somfy Tahoma Z-Wave and RTS home automation gateway (hands-on)


Typically there are two ways to go with home automation solutions built around gateways: cheap but labor intensive DIY solutions using off-the-shelf products, or expensive professionally installed solutions using proprietary technologies. Somfy's Tahoma Total Home Automation gateway fits somewhere in between. Tahoma supports Somfy's own RTS communication protocol to control Somfy's own line of window coverings in addition to Z-Wave for pretty much everything else. Unlike solutions like Vera from Mi Casa Verde, Tahoma must be professionally installed. The company partnered with Cooper Wiring, Evolve, and Leviton to optimize device integrity while remaining (mostly) true to the Z-Wave protocol. From there the end user is free to move about the automation cabin in order to customize scenes to their liking. We had the chance to see it in action here at CES and came away impressed with both the browser-based user interface and iOS app. Look for it to launch in Q2. Until then, we've got video.

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