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Skyrim details begin to rain down from Game Informer

Are you excited to start throwing entire weeks of your life down the hungry gullet of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? We assume your anticipation will ramp up significantly after reading the next issue of Game Informer -- the magazine contains an expose on a number of new features for the franchise. One such change is the leveling system, which no longer binds players to a class defined by a set of skills. Players can pick and choose from the game's 18 abilities (down from Oblivion's 21), which level up with use while simultaneously unlocking new perks with each level.

Enemies will still scale to the player's level, but using a more balanced metric, resulting in a Fallout 3-esque approach as opposed to the near-impossible Oblivion approach. Of course, foes will likely be easily bested using another of the game's new features: Dual wielding. Players can equip any item or spell to either hand, using both simultaneously in combat. Though, we'll almost certainly put a Charm spell in our left hand, and Fortify Personality in our right, because that is how we do.

For more info on the game's new features, including a weapon-crafting system and improved character creation tools, check out the upcoming issue of Game Informer.

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