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Crack a few eggheads on DC Universe Online's Oolong Island


DC Universe Online, Sony Online Entertainment's new action-MMO, has produced one more video to tempt you into joining the heroes of Gotham and Metropolis before tomorrow's launch.

Today, DCUO showcases Oolong Island, a virtual hive of mad scientists and living metal men. Dr. T. O. Morrow conducts his evil experiments on the secret island base -- well, it's not so secret now. But that's not all! T. O. Morrow is just a puppet. The true mastermind is that awful orb, Chang Tzu. Tzu will use all his tyrannical technology to try to overpower you and your friends. The action-packed video raises many questions, but most importantly, it asks: How many takes did Chris Cao, the Game Director and narrator for the video, go through until he was able to say "robotic, super-egg mastermind" with straight face?

Get all your ordering information from the DC Universe Online official website.

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