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iPad occupies new quarters in iCade arcade cabinet


Know what your desk, coffee table or car dashboard needs? The iCade. That is if you have an iPad and want a (very) small arcade cabinet to stick it in. Built by ION for internet nerd wares vendor ThinkGeek, the iCade features a special iPad cradle designed to not scuff your precious tablet, along with a ball-top joystick and eight concave buttons.

If you have the money, space and understanding loved ones to spare, you can pre-order the iCade for $99 from ThinkGeek. Shipments begin this spring and include the iCade app, a front-end for (initially) a handful of Atari classics, such as Asteroids, with the promise of more to come. The iCade API is also being provided to iOS devs free of charge, so here's hoping the likes of Cave release updates to make their games compatible with this inspired add-on.

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