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New EverQuest progression server coming this March

Jef Reahard

Yearning for the good ol' days of corpse runs, mob trains, and grinding your eyeballs out on the EverQuest leveling curve? You're in luck, as SOE is gearing up for a brand-new progression server for its long-running fantasy opus.

Beginning in March, EQ fans will have their own personal time machine, and the dial will be set circa 1999. The new server will be time-locked, meaning that EQ's laundry list of expansion content will make its way onto the shard on pre-determined dates (as opposed to being linked to player content completion). While details are somewhat sketchy at the moment, SOE has thrown up a forum thread and invited fans to join in christening the new shard.

Head over to the official EQ website for more details and the official name list.

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