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Telltale looks to Heavy Rain for Jurassic Park gameplay design


Jurassic Park and Telltale Games may seem like an unlikely combination, but the The Escapist's recap of a new Game Informer magazine interview reveals that IP owner Universal Studios wasn't looking for a straightforward action game, making Telltale a good fit. The developer will still look to add a bit more action to its traditional adventure game framework, telling GI that the game will feature both slower-paced character building and the surprise scares that once propelled the franchise to box office success.

Telltale likens this gameplay balancing act to Quantic Dreams' suspense thriller, Heavy Rain. Aside from the possibility of dinosaurs with out-of-place accents, this means that the Jurassic Park game will feature some element of choice, though it's noted in the interview that the gameplay mechanics are still in the works. Additionally, some of the game's story has been cursorily detailed, revealing sub-plots such as identifying where Dennis Nedry's can of dino embryos ended up post-Dilophosaurus attack and a tie into the first film through the eyes of an unknown character.

Jurassic Park is expected to encompass five episodes, with the first coming to PC and Mac some time this year.

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