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Dragon Age 2 making-of video features Hawke's life and loves


EA has conjured another video about the making of Dragon Age 2 and, in this one, BioWare talks about the way the game's story is told. According to the developer, it's a framed narrative, with an unreliable narrator recounting the action as it happens. Unlike movies or books that use the same technique, though, this is interactive -- so not all of us will see the same story. The video also mentions that another storyline, much closer to Origins, was considered for the sequel.

The hero's story will also unfold within a smaller chuck of the world than the first game's, but it'll be carried out over a period of years rather than days or weeks, which means we'll get to see his or her relationships blossom and grow. That's familial relationships in the form of a mother and siblings and, erm, concupiscent relationships in the form of any number of lusty elves, dwarves or humans. Watch the whole vid after the break.

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