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Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs. gets competitive on iPhone


The 3DS isn't the only handheld on which you'll be able to play a game based on Resident Evil's Mercenaries mode. During a Capcom Mobile event, Touch Arcade got a look at Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs., a multiplayer-focused game for iOS.

Up to four players, alone or in teams, compete to earn points by shooting one another, while also dealing with roaming zombies. Players in trouble can summon AI helpers "like the creepy chainsaw guy with the burlap sack on his head from Resident Evil 4." Players can choose to play online or locally via Bluetooth.

TouchArcade noted some issues in the early version, including a "horribly laggy experience" in local multiplayer, and a disappointingly small character selection. You can see the current pre-release version in action after the break.

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