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"App" chosen as word of the year by American Dialect Society

David Quilty

Defeating the words "junk" and "WikiLeaks," the word "app" was picked as the 2010 word of the year by the American Dialect Society. Short for "application," "app" received 69 votes from the linguists in the society. Speaking to MSNBC, the Dialect Society's executive secretary said "I think this past year there wasn't anything clearly dominant. But there's no question 'app' is a very powerful word."

Other words listed by the group this year could also pertain to Apple users -- "fat-finger" meaning to mistype and "-pad" used to combine the form of any tablet computer. Last year's winner was the word "tweet," but with "app" winning this year, could it have an effect on Microsoft's objection to Apple's "App Store" trademark application? None at all, of course -- but it's fun to contemplate.

[via MSNBC]

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