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Doodle Jump dev and Apple warn other 'doodle' apps

Justin McElroy

In what's sure to be the killing blow for Joystiq Publishing's upcoming Doodle Doodle: The Doodlin' Doodle Game, Doodle Jump dev Lima Sky and Apple have begun providing trademark warnings to developers of iOS with "doodle" in the title. As Pocket Gamer reports, the teams behind Doodle Monster and Doodle Hockey have received the missives, but there are almost certainly others on the way.

Lima Sky, it should be noted, does not have the rights to the word "doodle," but rather just trademarks for the full title "Doodle Jump" and its central character's design. Bryan Duke of Acceleroto (Doodle Hockey) is attempting to rally other doodlin' devs not to kowtow to Apple and Lima Sky, saying "If we all stand together on this, the little guy won't be so little. I'm fighting this. You should too."

You'd have to be pretty naive to think many of these devs aren't trying to piggyback off of Doodle Jump's success, but it's a tricky legal area with such a common word as "doodle." Our advice? Next time, stick a "Q" in there somewhere.

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