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Mobile Hotspot function rumored to come to all carriers with iOS 4.3


Boy Genius Report (BGR) suggests this morning that the personal hotspot feature described at yesterday's Verizon announcement will be a part of iOS 4.3 and will work on iPhones of all stripes (pending carrier support and approval, of course). Citing "sources," BGR says that users will be able to connect up to five devices over Wi-Fi to the iPhone's cellular connection, just as Verizon customers will be able to do. If their sources are correct, we could see this as early as March.

Meanwhile, both (Google translation) and iPhoneHellas (Google translation) have suggested the same thing. Redmond Pie also chimes in with confirmation from a trusted source, posting a similar set of screenshots.

It's that "pending carrier support" line that caught our attention. AT&T is said to be "evaluating" the feature as a possibility. Take that as you will, noting that worldwide support for iPhone tethering was firmly in place long before AT&T actually enabled the feature -- and it came with a newly shrunken data plan.

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