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Nixie tube reverse geocache box makes us long for the 80s, our very own spy card


This reverse geocache box reminds us of something out of Mission: Impossible -- the second-run of the TV series, not that dreadful Tom Cruise franchise -- only it won't self-destruct in five minutes. It will, however, unlock when it reaches a pre-programmed location. Like the Deluxe Reverse Geocache, this box gives its holder a mission should they choose to accept: use the display to find the box's final resting spot. Unlike its predecessor, this one uses three nixie tubes, not an LCD screen, to track the box's distance from its destination. A built-in Arduino GPS sensor does all the tracking, and a servo motor pops the top when triggered. The refashioned French army medical box operates off of three D-cells, and can do about 600 GPS fixes before powering down. We're definitely fond of this throw-back treasure chest, we just wish it had a built-in audio player for bumping the MI theme. Yeah, we said it.

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