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Report: New Bond game moves ahead as film franchise is revived


Agent double-oh-seven is returning to the silver screen next year with Daniel Craig reprising his role as Her Majesty's most famous spy, and a report by Deadline claims that the film series' restart has led to a new James Bond game getting the ol' green light. The site makes no mention of who's developing -- or even if the game will tie into the film -- but we can count out Blood Stone dev Bizarre Creations, currently in the process of being shuttered by Activision, which holds the video game rights to all things 007.

Wolfenstein and Singularity studio Raven Software was rumored as recently as last month to be working on a new, stealth-heavy Bond title (some supposed footage of which was later dug up). No matter who makes the game, we can only hope that it actually gets some, y'know, marketing -- unlike Blood Stone.

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