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Rumor: PSP2 unveiling in Tokyo this month at Sony 'business meeting'


MCV reports that "trade sources" have "confirmed" that the so-called PSP2 will be unveiled at a January 27 press event, hosted by Sony in Tokyo. A VG247 source has described the event as a "business overview and strategy meeting," with "very select press" in attendance, and corroborated the supposed PSP2 reveal there. Thus far, Sony has declined to comment on the event.

Supposed images of a "PSP2" prototype (pictured) were leaked in November, followed in December by the detailing of alleged hardware specs. The PSP successor is assumed to be in development alongside the PlayStation Phone, and Sony has already acknowledged the challenge of differentiating two such devices in the consumer market. Coming out and announcing them already would probably be a good start.

Sony has confirmed to Joystiq that the company will hold an event in Tokyo on Jan. 27. "We will be sharing business [overview] and strategy," said a representative, "but there is nothing we can comment on further at this time."

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