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Blizzard launches StarCraft 2 Master League, plans for Grandmaster League

Have you found competition in StarCraft 2's online multiplayer "Diamond League" to be unrewarding? Do you hang, effortlessly, from the very highest rungs of the tallest competition ladder? It's time for you to shed your burdensome chrysalis and ascend to your next challenge: the recently launched "Master League," which pits the top two percent of players from each region against one another for true StarCraft supremacy. If you're eligible for the new league, you won't have to do anything special to join; Blizzard automatically elevates top-two-percenters to the Master bracket.

Of course, the raw exclusivity of this new ladder will lose a bit of its luster when Blizzard launches the "Grandmaster League," which will only invite the top 200 players from each region to battle. There's no timetable for the release of this ladder, though we imagine it'll come well before the arrival of the Great-Grandmaster League, which forces the very best player on the planet to play against an evil clone of him or herself all day, every day, for twenty years. You get a T-shirt if you win that one, though, so it's totally worth it.

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