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Item-swap controversy hits MapleStory Europe


To celebrate the new year, MapleStory Europe recently launched a sale on various cash shop items. Among the discounted items was a series of double experience cards lasting for varying durations, each marked at 15% off the usual price. It wasn't long before players noticed that Nexon had listed the 24-hour double experience card with an expiry time of 90 days instead of of 24 hours. Players flocked to the item shop in droves to take advantage of this amazing deal, many suspecting that the item must have been a mistake. Sure enough, Nexon noticed the mistake after a week and removed the item from the sale.

What followed next has had players in outrage on the MapleStory Europe forums. Nexon removed all of the 90-day double experience cards players had bought in the sale and replaced them with 24-hour versions set to expire the following day. Some players have been voicing their support for the decision, saying that it was obvious that the item had been mis-priced. Others have been less forgiving, pointing out that they wouldn't have bought the item had it not been such a fantastically good deal, and suggesting that Nexon has done this kind of thing before. The game's terms of use agreement has even been cited as an argument that items bought must be honoured up to their purchased due date. Nexon issued an official apology earlier today for the incident but has stood by its decision to remove the offending cards from the game and has not yet issued any refunds for the replaced items.

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