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Microsoft contest pits UK Kinect Sports players against actual gold medalists

Hey, UK-based readers: Do you feel like totally humiliating yourselves? You should look into Microsoft's "Game with Fame" competition, in which one lucky, Kinect Sports-playing family will compete in virtual track and field events against actual Olympians Linford Christie and Mark Lewis-Francis.

To enter, you'll have to follow Microsoft UK on Twitter, and send a 140-character missive explaining why you deserve to go head-to-head against the pair of gold medalists. You also have to send in a picture of you and your family playing (or pretending to play) the game, which seems kind of unfair. Christie and Lewis-Francis could totally use that image to learn your techniques, giving them an unfair advantage in the final showdown. Maybe a smaller advantage than their natural, immeasurable athletic prowess, but an advantage nonetheless.

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