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New video for DC Universe Online shows off Smallville

Eliot Lefebvre

So you know DC Universe Online launched, but you might still be on the fence about picking it up. Or maybe you're already sold and just want an idea of what to look forward to in the game. Either way, the newest preview trailer from the development team gives a picture of one of the game's events -- the Smallville Alert, where players are tasked with fighting their way through the hometown of Superman amidst a spreading plague.

Lex Luthor has released an agent in Smallville that's mutating the citizens into miniature replicas of Doomsday, leaving heroic players to rescue the town while villainous players try to cover up the event entirely. Culminating with a battle against Doomsday himself, the trailer shows off the many wrinkles to the encounter as well as the game's action in full swing. DC Universe Online fans or potential fans should watch the video to get a sense of what's rotten in Smallville.

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