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TUAW's Daily App: Corel Paint it! Now


Corel was a big deal back in the days before Photoshop -- I remember CorelDRAW as being one of the most premiere art apps out there. It still is, of course, but Corel has fallen to the wayside now that Photoshop and Illustrator have become so popular. However, Corel has made an interesting step onto the App Store with the awkwardly-titled Corel Paint it! Now (free). Not a drawing app, Corel Paint It! Now lets you apply artistic filters to your photos, like oil or pen and ink.

It works well and does its job in an interesting way, as you can watch it "draw" the resulting image, suggesting some sort of drawing engine is at work. You can create some pretty funky pictures, and then you can send them off via email, Facebook or Flickr.

At even 99 cents, I'd question what this app is for, but at the current price of free, it's probably worth a download just to see it in action. In fact, Corel tells TUAW that the app has seen over 175k downloads already, so you'd be in good company. I wouldn't depend on it for anything important (the resolution is sadly low), but it's a nice little trick to spice up some pictures that could use a cool effect on them.

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