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Breach release date broached: January 26


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Breach -- the game one guy breached the law to get an early copy of -- has finally been dated for release on Wednesday, January 26 by developer Atomic Games, which will self-publish the title. The date applies to the "worldwide" availability of both the XBLA and PC versions of the multiplayer shooter, breaching initial plans to stagger the releases starting this past summer.

The PC version -- available in boxed-copy format or as a download -- will retail for $20, while the XBLA game has been set at $15 (1200 points). The premium PC edition will indeed be backed by a little more oomph, featuring Nvidia PhysX tech (i.e., "larger explosions"), a "higher performance" Hardcore Mode ("to play the way operatives train") and dedicated servers.

Breach the break [STOP THAT - Ed.] for some new gameplay footage.

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