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Crytek seeking iOS developers, tries not to mention it's for games


Crytek, a developer that's built a reputation for creating game engines that make even the highest-end PC gaming rigs weep, is making a move into ... mobile development? In a job posting on Develop, the company has put the word out that it's looking for people with experience making iOS apps, specifically candidates who've shipped at least one product on the App Store.

You've probably noticed that we haven't mentioned games yet, and there's a reason: In its posting, Crytek is pretty careful not to use any language that would suggest that successful applicants will go on to create games for iPhone, IPad or iPod touch. Well, except for one line near the end of the "requirements" section: "Passion for video games."

The fact that we haven't heard any rumblings regarding iOS games from Crytek before, and that it's just now sounding the call for applications, leads us to believe that any mobile projects the company has -- games or otherwise -- must be pretty early in development. That, or it's just really taking its time coming up with the absolute best way to bring your iPhone's PowerVR GPU to its knees.

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