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Moog Lap Steel adds infinite analog sustain to the top of your thighs: ears-on at NAMM 2011 (video)

Trent Wolbe

Leave it to Moog to give us one more reason to be jealous of lap steel players. As if their twangy, slidey Hawaiian metallics weren't cool enough in the first place, they've now got the semi-magical ability to magnetically sustain or mute each string via the pickup -- kind of along the lines of previously Moog-enhanced stringed instruments. The legendary synth manufacturer has also thrown in ladder filters and a gaggle of other switchable effects into the beautiful instruments. Orders are just being taken now, and each one will be custom-crafted (pink and purple sparkle starburst with a MIDI pickup, anyone?) by a luthier friend of the manufacturer for a little under $3000. We sat down with Cyril Lance from Moog and one of only four models in existence -- catch video of the new acid-bluegrass sounds after the break.

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