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PlayStation Move strategy to focus on 'more core titles,' says Sony's Koller


John Koller, director of hardware marketing for PlayStation, acknowledged to the Wall Street Journal that Microsoft's 8 million shipped Kinect units amount to a "very impressive" figure, though he assured that his company is still "happy where we are in the market" with Move. As of the end of November, Sony had shipped 4.1 million units of its motion controller and believes it has an edge over Microsoft in the race to earn the hard-won affections of the "hardcore" consumer. That's you, right?

"The limitations are such that you can't create all the games you want to do," Koller suggested of Kinect, implying that Microsoft's controller-less technoloy lacks the precision control necessary to support so-called "core" titles -- just what Sony has in mind for Move in the coming months.

The apparent strategy involves "layering on more and more core titles," Koller explained, and there are at least two Sony titles around the corner that fit the bill.

While Move was intended to launch with core support in SOCOM 4, that game's delay to April, coupled with Killzone 3 in late February, means that Sony will have two of its core franchises equipped with Move support in the market within a few months. Microsoft and Kinect? Still zero.

In a recent preview of Killzone 3's Move controls, our own Rany Nelson concluded, "I am now committed to using the Move for my first full playthrough of the game. Not only does its integration seem justified to me, but I'm sold on its improved accuracy and greater sense of immersion over the DualShock controller." Koller and Sony sure hope a lot more of us core-types will be sold, too.

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