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Check out the Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising closed beta with our key giveaway! [Updated]

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising is approaching the one-year mark since its resurrection. The developers at Heatwave Interactive have been hard at work since then and are ready to show off what they've been up to until now with closed beta.

We've got 5,000 closed beta keys for our readers, so you can check out Roman mythology in MMO form firsthand. Simply visit our giveaway page to claim your key. We'll wait.

Got it? Great! Now just visit the Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising site and click "Account" to get started. At the end of the process, follow the prompts to enter your beta key code, and don't forget to check your email for your verification code. Then download your game and enjoy the beta!

[Update: We're aware that there are apparently issues with the keys. We're contacting Heatwave to investigate the problem. We'll let you guys know when we know something!]

[Update 2: The keys should all be working correctly now.]

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