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Minecraft beta 1.2 update adds new recipes, squid and cake


As if we needed more reasons to love Minecraft, along comes update 1.2 which manages to somehow set the bar even higher. Not only does the update add note blocks with which players can create full musical instruments -- we're excited for the impending video of Dexys Midnight Runners' "Come On, Eileen" recreated in the game -- but there are also dyes you can harvest from flowers and a new Lapus Lazuli stone, plus additional crafting recipes including dessert-time staple, cake. We're less excited for the impending Portal jokes. Give it up, already!

The update also adds squids (to harvest black ink from as part of the new dye mechanic) and squashes several bugs, including better multiplayer synching and crashing when loading levels. There is a lot about this update that is still uncovered and if you want to join in on the hunt, we suggest you start with this thread on the official forums. Happy crafting!

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