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Starr Labs AirPower, Missing Link adapters take MIDI into the wild world of wireless

Darren Murph

Ah, MIDI. How we love thee. You're older than dirt itself, but still totally relevant -- something we could only hope to one day be. But now, it's time to make a move. A move to a world where copper wires and insulated cabling aren't necessary. A world where wireless rules. Create Digital Music has a new report out on two of the most prominent options when it comes to wireless MIDI, with the both of 'em distributing bleeps and bloops over totally different airwaves. The Starr Labs AirPower relies on a proprietary 2.4GHz communications protocol, enabling MIDI guitarists to finally get their groove on without worry over cable ejections. 'Course, with a $425 (upgrade) / $250 (MIDI-only) price tag, it's far from being affordable, and that $250 dongle is needed in addition to the $425 adapter for any instrument not made by Starr. The Missing Link relies on traditional WiFi waves, enabling phones and tablets to easily tap into its potential. You'll need to be aware that even the slightest bit of WiFi interference could ruin a live gig, but at just $150 (limited first run), it may be worth the risk. Head on past the break for a live demonstration of the latter, and tap that via for more dirt on the duo.

Update: We've been hit up with some information to clarify pricing on the AirPower. Check out the details after the break.


(1) Air Power MIDI-RF Receiver
(1) Air Power MIDI-RF Transmitter
(2) 2.4GHz antennas
(1) Holster
(1) USB A-miniB cable
(1) USB driver disk
(2) AA batteries, though typically you'll power thru USB

This alone is a robustly powerful wireless MIDI solution.
Now of course, to be completely wireless i.e. no power cables to your synth, module, controller etc... complete wireless operation, we offer a 9V rechargeable battery pack solution that can be worn on a belt clip, attached to a guitar strap, or adhered to your keyboard or percussion controller. The battery pack may be fitted with a standard DC plug to replace a 9 Volt wall wart, or a MIDI connector to provide phantom power to the controller.

(2) 9V rechargeable battery packs, 2300 mAH
(1) Fast dual rate universal charger, 110 220
(1) Holster

Thus the complete AirPower Wireless MIDI solution totals $425.

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