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Blu-ray releases on January 18th 2011

Ben Drawbaugh

Some weeks this post is harder to write up than others, and when there's not a sigle movie we've heard of on the list, it's a pretty tough week. That being said we generally like a good heist movie so Takers takes our pick of the week spot. We have to assume we're missing something worth watching this week though, so please help us out and let us know what it is.

Justified: The Complete First Season - Sony
Takers - Sony
Buried - Lionsgate
Animal Kingdom - Sony
Death Race 2 - Universal
The Naked Kiss - Criterion
Shock Corridor - Criterion
Lebanon - Sony
Nomad: The Warrior - Vivendi Visual
Down Terrace - Magnolia
Fire on the Amazon - Starz/Anchor Bay
Cold Dog Soup - Image
Checking Out - Image
Mutants - GoodTimes
Airline Disaster - Echo Bridge
8213: Gacy House - Echo Bridge
Blood on the Highway - Membran

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