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DSi charger is compatible with 3DS, and other minutiae


While we all wait for more news on the 3DS (we'll hear more right around Wednesday), why not catch up on some of the little tidbits you might have missed? Andriasang has rounded up some assorted information on the upcoming system -- for example, the cartridges. In case you haven't seen the 3DS Game Cards on Nintendo's site, this is what they look like: just like DS carts, but white, and with a small protrusion on the side to keep you from trying to use them in a DS.

Another fact you may not have been aware of: your DSi and DSi XL AC adapters will work in the 3DS, a nice change from Nintendo's usual habit of changing the shape of the connector. And something we weren't aware of: according to Andriasang, 3DS game cases are thinner than those for DS games, in addition to being backwards.

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