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Jonathan Ross teases 'unexpected revivals' for 3DS event [update]

Justin McElroy

No matter where his career goes, Jonathan Ross will likely always be best known to many gamers as "the guy who spilled the beans about Fable 3." The UK TV host will be hosting a European Nintendo 3DS event on Wednesday, and may have just outed a few more tidbits.

In a Twitter back and forth (detailed by IGN) Ross told a fan hoping for a new Metroid game, "I think you're going to be pleased," before adding, "A few other faves coming as well - plus a few unexpected revivals!!" [Update: 3DS Buzz has cleared up a little confusion with a new Tweet from Ross who clarified that he wasn't referencing a new Metroid game.]

With the event so close, we'll avoid speculating, but you can bet we'd be madly refreshing Joystiq around 9 a.m. EST Wednesday (when a similar DS even is being held in the US) if ... you know, we didn't have to write it.

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