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PlayStation Phone gets some much-needed sunlight in latest video ... still not announced

Just because it's the the latest in a long-line of unannounced, but comically well-known PlayStation products – remember the PSP Go leak and the months-long PS3 Slim reveal? – doesn't mean the PlayStation Phone can't take some time off. It's tough, spending all that time under wraps, only to be furtively pulled out for a massive ten-page exposé or a video shoot. So it's with great joy that we share the latest video of Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play gaming handset; finally, some light is shed on the PlayStation Phone.

Watch! As the curiously long-fingernailed gentleman spins the device around, revealing its every curve. Gasp! As he toggles the slide-out gamepad back and forth. And it's all happening in broad daylight, far from the fluorescent din of an assembly line (or a Chinese gadget blogger's basement). See for yourself after the break.

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