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Rumor: Microsoft prepping official SDK release for Windows Kinect 'in the coming months'


Microsoft may be preparing to release the software development kit for Kinect on PC sooner than anticipated, if sources speaking with WinRumors are accurate. "Sources familiar with the plans" told the Windows-centric site that an official SDK and Kinect drivers are being prepped for a beta release "in the coming months," potentially arriving with an upcoming XNA update dubbed the "Community Technical Preview." The report adds detail to statements made by Microsoft head Steve Ballmer earlier this month, when the CEO said Kinect on PC would be supported "in a formal way in the right time."

Kinect SDK and driver support on the PC will reportedly allow third-party developers to enable Kinect functionality on PC-based applications, including games. Of course, hackers haven't waited for Microsoft, releasing a flood of Kinect-enabled PC and Mac hack videos over the past few months. Just think, though -- soon, you could be officially making a monument to yourself in Minecraft! The future is now!

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