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AirView brings AirPlay reception to iOS devices


If you've been looking for device-to-device AirPlay support, the free AirView utility that just debuted on the App Store offers a simple solution. Offering a no-frills AirPlay receiver, AirView allows you to watch AirPlay video streams from other devices or, if you have AirFlick installed on your Macintosh, from your primary computer.

As I've written extensively before, I'm not entirely sure why or when you'd use this option (e.g., "Hey, instead of watching that movie on my HDTV, why not use a 3-inch display instead?" or "Want to watch this YouTube video? Instead of handing you my phone or emailing you the URL, I'll make both of us sit here while I serve the data to you live!"), but there you have it. It's available for download from the App Store, and it works equally well on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Thanks, Steven TS

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