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Cataclysm Daily Quests, Part 5: Uldum, Twilight Highlands and daily priorities


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Welcome to part 5 of the epic guide to Cataclysm daily quests! Previously, we discussed profession dailies, Therazane dailies, Tol Barad permanent dailies, and Tol Barad dailies received by the faction in control of Tol Barad. Today, we'll wrap up the last few dailies in Uldum and Twilight Highlands and then discuss getting the most out of your Cataclysm daily limit.

Uldum dailies There are only two dailies in Uldum, one infinitely preferable to the other. The first is a short, sweet, entertaining quest called Thieving Little Pluckers. It's fast, fun to do, located near the center of Uldum where you port in, and awards 150 reputation with Ramkahen, otherwise known as the guys who'll sell you a camel when you hit exalted.

The other, Fire From the Sky, is the daily version of the quest by the same name that is part of the Harrison Jones quest line. This was hands down the most broken, miserable quest I had to do on my way to 85. It involves using a cannon vehicle to shoot slow-moving bombs at tiny, moving soldiers on a large map. Initially, all players shared the available mobs; grouped players' kills did not count for other group members; and worst, you couldn't see any bombs except your own. The group you'd been oh so carefully targeting would blow up seconds before your bomb hit, leading to massive nerd rage.

Luckily, this has been hotfixed. Mobs are still shared, but group kills count for everyone, and all players' bomb targets are visible on the map. I still advise skipping it as soon as you get the associated achievement.

Twilight Highlands dailies The final set of dailies available in Cataclysm is for the Wildhammer Clan (Alliance) and Dragonmaw Clan (Horde). Once again, after completing the zone quest line, you will be able to return to Thundermar or Bloodgulch, respectively, and do these five dailies.

Each of these quests awards gold (of course) as well as 250 reputation with the relevant faction, except for Warlord Halthar/Bring Down the High Shaman, which give 350 rep. Craw McGraw and Grot Deathblow sell rewards for Wildhammer and Dragonmaw respectively, and both have a nice selection of rare and epic items, as well as the Strength/Mastery head enchant.

Prioritizing your dailies

That's it! Those are all the new dailies available in Cataclysm. There are a lot of them. Even if your faction only controls Tol Barad once per day, there are 28 dailies available, which exceeds the cap of 25. If you're lucky enough to have two or three Tol Barad captures with different quest givers spawning, you could have up to 34 dailies available to you. Obviously, this doesn't count old dailies, either -- if you're still shooting for a Netherwing drake, Ogri'la rep, or Argent Tournament items, you will really have to pick and choose what you'll do each day.

If your faction controls the Tol Barad PvP area, those dailies should definitely be your first stop. Since they're time-limited (only two hours per capture) and uncompletable if your faction loses the next battleground, you want to get right on these when they're up. If you're pressed for time, do the rotating quests first; the permanent quests can be finished the next time your faction is in control, but if you don't finish the rotating set, you run the risk of getting different rotating dailies and being stuck with the old quests, incomplete, in your quest log.

Until you're exalted with the Tol Barad PvP faction, I would do Tol Barad Peninsula quests next. The rewards available from Baradin's Wardens and Hellscream's Reach are first-rate and have something for everyone; plus, they require not only rep but Tol Barad commendations to purchase, so you want to stock up on those.

Your next priority should be Therazane. Doing these dailies regularly will help your Therazane reputation increase at a healthy clip, allowing you to wear a different tabard in level 85 dungeons (Earthen Ring, for example, which has very nice rewards but no dailies available) and still get your shoulder enchant. The associated achievements for Therazane dailies are a nice perk.

The cooking daily should definitely be your next stop, even if you're not yet a Cataclysm-level cook; you can sell the meat for profit and get free skillups. After that, it's a choice between the fishing daily (for skill), the Ramkahen and Wildhammer/Dragonmaw dailies (for rep), or older Wrath and BC dailies. Once you've gotten the achievement for Fire From the Sky, I don't recommend doing that one again. Ever.

Do your dailies -- your guild will thank you!

Here's my final word of advice to everyone in a guild, especially level 85s: Do your dailies! Completing quests is the only way to contribute guild XP or earn guild rep while soloing, and once you've finished the Cataclysm zone quests, dailies are an 85's best option for continued questing. More guild XP means more guild rep for you, more perks for your guild, free cake, and moose for everyone.

Thus concludes this comprehensive guide to Cataclysm daily quests. Thanks for reading ... Now, go do your dailies!

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