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Feral Druid Tanking 101, page 2

Allison Robert

Bear Tanking: The spec

0/31/9 is the basic bear tanking spec, and you'll have one point left over at the end to slot wherever you want. You'll probably get the most use from putting it in Stampede.

Tanking rotation
  1. Feral Faerie Fire for the pull.
  2. Mangle.
  3. Demoralizing Roar.
  4. Lacerate three times.
  5. Pulverize. Yes, it hits like a limp noodle, even with tons of extra attack power from Vengeance.
  6. At this point, you should have the Feral Faerie Fire, Demo Roar, and Mangle debuffs on the mob, and Pulverize's critical strike buff on yourself. From here, your aim should be never to let any of these drop.
  7. Mangle on cooldown. If you're in a low-rage situation, Feral Faerie Fire on cooldown. Reapply Demo Roar as necessary. Free global cooldowns should be spent on Lacerate. Pulverize whenever you reach three.
  8. When Berserk procs, Mangle.
  9. Extra rage can be spent on Maul and/or Thrash. Unfortunately, now that Savage Defense procs have been removed from bleed ticks, there's no mechanical advantage to Thrashing on a single target, but eh. It's something to do.
  10. If you're AoE tanking, Swipe and Thrash on cooldown. Tab-target around the pull to ensure that threat is distributed evenly.

Rawr will be very helpful for gem choices, but you really can't go wrong with agility, stamina, dodge, or mastery. Gem for socket bonuses granting either of the three.

Glyphs are a pretty easy call because there are only three prime glyphs that have any effect on us at all, and the selection of major glyphs is pretty uninspiring.

Enchant choices are a little less straightforward than they've often been in the past; you'll often get a choice between more effective health and more balanced stats. Again, Rawr is helpful here, as is a little common sense concerning the nature of the content you're doing.

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