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More iPad 2 cases show slots for SD card, video out?


The iPad 2 rumor-fest continues unabated by the news of Steve Jobs' health-related leave of absence. Today's iPad 2 rumors are based on some alleged cases for the device, which show new and mysterious ports that aren't on the existing iPad.

As displayed on MIC Gadget, the cases appear to have two new openings. Other sites have posted similar pictures of alleged iPad 2 cases. The current groupthink is that one of the ports, located on top of the iPad between the sleep / on-off switch and the audio jack, could be for an HDMI or mini-HDMI port. The other port is located on the upper left side of the case and might be for an SD card reader.

The SD card reader would eliminate the need to use Apple's Camera Connection Kit to read image, video and sound files from many digital cameras and camcorders, while an HDMI port would serve as a way of pushing true HD video and audio from an iPad to HDTVs and monitors.

Then again, these could be case makers living in fantasy land. What's your guess on the new ports? Leave your comments below.

[via Engadget, AppleInsider]

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