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Nintendo comments on 3DS region locking


Nintendo has offered vague confirmation to VG247 of last week's report that 3DS hardware and software would include regional lockout programming. "Nintendo 3DS hardware is available in three versions: Japanese, American and European/Australian," clarified a company statement, which added that "there is the possibility that Nintendo 3DS software sold in one region will not function properly when running on Nintendo 3DS hardware sold in another."

Nintendo cited obvious language differences, as well as regional age ratings, parental controls and "local laws" as factors in the manufacturing of (subtly) different hardware models. Additionally, the variations of the handheld are designed to provide "network services" that are compatible with regional technology. Like the DSi Shop before it, the 3DS's digital distribution channel is likely to be only stocked with region-locked content.

As for physical products, Nintendo assured that "guidance" would appear on all 3DS hardware and software packaging. (NTSC-coded Wii game boxes, for example, include the note: "For sale, rental and use only in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.") "If you are in doubt," the statement concluded, "Nintendo recommends that you only purchase Nintendo 3DS software in the region where [you] purchased your Nintendo 3DS system."

Tomorrow, you'll find out how to purchase that system in your region of choice -- and for how much.

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