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Tales From Space: About a Blob arrives Feb. 1 for PlayStation Plus users


DrinkBox Studios will see its Sony Pub Fund-backed platformer, Tales From Space: About a Blob, released on PSN on February 1 -- for PlayStation Plus subscribers, at least. The rest of the PlayStation Network populace will be able to download the title the following Tuesday, February 8.

Tales From Space: About a Blob bears a resemblance to LocoRoco in terms of gameplay, with the added twist of its oozing protagonists (it's a two-player game) possessing the ability not only to grow larger by absorbing items, but fire them back out as projectiles, too. You know, like blobs tend to do.

Final pricing hasn't been set, but DrinkBox CEO Ryan MacLean says on the PlayStation Blog that it should come in at $14.99 with a free trial version available, as well. Sounds like a goo-ed plan to us.

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