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The 2010 Engadget Awards: Nominate the Wireless Device or Technology of the Year

Laura June

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It's time for the 2010 Engadget Awards, and we're asking for your nominations for the Wireless Device or Techology of the Year.

Nominating is easy, simply leave a comment with what you're nominating for this category. We'll round up the best selections and put them to the popular vote.

Here's five simple rules of what NOT to do:
  • Don't include your reasons for nominating it.
    You can debate the product later when we put it up to vote. Just leave the name of what you want to nominate, okay?
  • Don't nominate anything that wasn't sold for the first time in 2010.
    We will allow updated versions of previous devices, however.
  • No concept devices or prototypes.
    It has to be a real gadget people can buy! Pre-orders don't count.
  • Don't nominate anything more than once.
    It's not a popularity contest (yet), all it does is make our lives harder. Just do a quick find to see if someone's already beat you to it.
  • Seriously, don't nominate anything that's already been nominated!
Thanks, and good luck to all the gadgets!

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