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TUAW's Daily App: Hunters' Moon


Hunters' Moon is more of an experience than anything. It's a very beautiful app in a lot of ways, and it does have some game elements, but really it's a chance to sit and enjoy a piece of software that evokes a mood and an atmosphere. It was more or less inspired by a talk given by Brandon Boyer at last year's IndieCade conference; I did go to that show, but I didn't see Boyer's talk, unfortunately.

Hunters' Moon is a great example of how personal and how simply beautiful video games can be. As the app's description says, it's "an interactive illustration and a drawing that shares an idea through game mechanics. It is best heard with headphones and played patiently."

We get so caught up in the give and take of the business of software and the functionality of what we download and use that sometimes we neglect to see how powerful just sitting and enjoying these games can be. Give Hunters' Moon a try if that sounds intriguing. This iPad-only game is US$1.99 on the App Store.

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