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WoW Moviewatch: Run Deathwing Run


This video has one heck of a cast of characters. The machinima itself was created by RavenSylphe. That alone is a huge plus; Raven does some amazing work. The vocals, however, are performed by eight wonderful folks who you might know from other music parodies. The singers, in order of appearance, are EmberIsolte, Letomi, Sharm, PvPSiennah, Gigi, Rawrbug, Lihoification, and Ariel. The name of this parody is Run Deathwing Run.

The video is a parody of Run Devil Run by Girls' Generation. Of course, those of us in America might be more familiar of the cover by Kesha.

Overall, this video is fun. I think it helps to know the source material, though, to help put context to the music and parody's structure. I think this will probably be one of this year's largest parody collaborations, considering the size of the group. My hat's off to the team for their work.

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