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3DS can import your Wii Mii, too 'robust' to export them back


Connectivity used to be a big buzz word for Nintendo during the GBA/DS era. Yet, the 3DS is oddly lacking interoperability with a Nintendo home console. At launch, only one feature will be available that caters to owners of both a Wii and 3DS: transferring your Mii from the console to your handheld.

But what if you want to send a Mii back to the Wii? "It's a one way transfer," NOA Product Marketing Manager Bill Trinen told Joystiq. "You can send your Miis from your Wii to your 3DS. But, because the Mii Maker on the Nintendo 3DS is a more robust program and has newer features, like hairstyles and eyes and things like that, the Miis you create there can't go back to the Wii." Too bad, because Mii Maker's ability to automatically create new avatars by taking pictures would expedite an otherwise lengthy process.

Can we expect any other connectivity between the two Nintendo devices? Perhaps, but Trinen didn't even offer a tease. "Beyond that, that's the only Wii connectivity we've talked about."

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