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Acer: netbooks will not be phased out, Sandy Bridge tablets not coming any time soon

Joanna Stern

Stop ordering the caskets! Clearing up yesterday's somewhat shady reports, Acer's PR team has issued an official press release stating that company has no intentions to halt production on its Aspire One line of netbooks. Instead it claims that its new array of Android tablets "will find their space next to netbooks and notebooks." In addition to that, Acer's taking on the Sandy Bridge tablet rumor that also spouted up, and clarifying that tablets based on Intel's new laptop / desktop platform "are not yet foreseen." That syncs up with what we had heard yesterday -- that Acer's announced 4.8-, 7-, 10-inch Android tablets will launch in April in the US and that it would likely wait for the forthcoming ultra-low voltage (ULV) Sandy Bridge parts if it were in fact going to put Intel's next generation Core processors into tablets. That certainly clears up a lot -- hit the break for Acer's official statement.

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Acer to increase its presence on mobile market investing on tablet devices: netbooks will be not phased out

Manno, January 19th 2011 – According to recent statement from Sales Manager based in Taiwan, Acer Inc. confirms that the company will not phase out netbooks in favor of tablets.

Mobility, which has always been part of Acer's DNA, finds a new form of expression in the range of tablets on offer, which feature various display sizes and models designed to fit different kinds of usage scenarios. Acer recognizes that the computer market is changing. As PCs are no longer only used to create content bur are more and more becoming consumption tools, new devices and new form factors are appearing.

This means the range of devices available to users is getting wider and tablets are just another piece of the mosaic. Therefore, they will find their space next to netbooks and notebooks.

Technological developments are changing the way we interact with devices. No longer a single product, but a multitude of instruments with diverse form factors and display sizes designed to meet the specific connection need of that particular moment, allowing the digital individual to stay connected and interact with his world, anytime, anywhere.

Acer's offer includes a 10.1" Android tablet, for a superb mobile and home entertainment experience, a 7" Android Tablet, the epitome of mobility and a 10.1" Windows Tablet for the maximum of versatility in a tablet form factor. For the moment devices based on Sandy Bridge are not yet foreseen.

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