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HTC ThunderBolt will support simultaneous voice and data in LTE areas

Chris Ziegler

At CES, Verizon had mentioned that "some... but not all" of its first LTE handsets would support the simultaneous use of voice and data. That's not news for 3G customers on T-Mobile and AT&T, nor WiMAX customers on Sprint -- but for Verizon subscribers, this is a very novel concept, indeed. Well, we can chalk up the mighty ThunderBolt from HTC as one of the models that'll support it, if leaked training materials for the phone over on Android Central are to be believed. On a related note, the very existence of these materials gives us hope that we'll be seeing it on store shelves before too long; don't get us wrong, the two USB modems Big Red's launched for LTE service so far are all well and good, but we could really use some handsets on these airwaves.

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