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iOS 4.3 Beta 2 ready for download


Apple posts beta.
Beta by Apple.

Do you like green eggs and beta?

Will you download over here?
Or will you download over there?

You will not download over here.
You cannot download over there.
The servers are all crazy there.
You cannot download betas there.

I will download with my mouse.
I will download from my house.

You cannot download with your mouse.
You cannot download from your house.
The servers are quite overwhelmed.

Will your service vary then?
Yes, your service varies then.
You may not have a download stall.
You may not have any woes at all.

But if your downloads are long and slow[1] ...
You at least won't be alone.

[1] If they don't start at all, try quitting your browser first, re-launching it, and then re-submitting your download requests. (Thanks, @vanish)

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