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Defenders of Ardania arriving on PC and iPad, console versions planned


Paradox Interactive announced its first iPad game today. Defenders of Ardania is a tower defense game set in the world of Majesty and is planned as the largest multiplatform release for the publisher, arriving on PC and iPad in the summer. PSN and XBLA versions are in the works as well.

While the gameplay will be largely familiar for anyone that's played a tower defense game before, developer Most Wanted is hoping its fantasy setting and additional magic powers will help it stand out. Like PSN's Comet Crash, the game can be effectively described as a "tower offense" game, with players needing to not only defend their base, but attack opponents as well. With three different races, 24 different towers and 24 different offensive units, Ardania is certainly one of the more complex additions to the genre.

Multiplayer adds a competitive edge to the tower offense concept, with Most Wanted planning support for 2-4 players. It's a fun twist on a well-tested genre, one that we may see on our consoles ... if Microsoft and Sony allow the game onto their services. Check out a trailer after the break.

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