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Lead writer rounds up everything we need to know about the SWTOR treaty


The Treaty of Coruscant is the pivotal document in the cold war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic in Star Wars: The Old Republic. However, there are many confusing points regarding this treaty. First and foremost, why would a nation hell-bent on conquering the galaxy stop short with only half? There appears to be a hidden agenda here. The SWTOR Lead Writer Daniel Erickson took some time yesterday to post a round-up of information that we know about this treaty.

A couple of strong points of contrition regarding the treaty were the timing of withdrawal and the severity of the "punishment." Essentially, the Republic was a conquered nation, yet all the Empire demanded was that the Empire-controlled planets stay that way and the Republic stays where it was, minus a couple of insignificant planets. The Empire even gave back Coruscant which had just been swiftly razed by Darth Malgus. Many of the generals and Sith Lords of the Empire did not believe this was an advantageous move.

Erickson hints towards the end of the post that the treaty may not have been the Emperor's idea. In fact, he clearly points out that the Emperor had never been seen by any member of the Republic and was not at the signing of the treaty. Speculation abounds regarding the meaning behind the Empire's sudden withdrawal, yet Erickson provided no direct answers. Stay tuned here for more on this developing story.

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