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Next week is Macworld! Are you coming?


We'll be manning booth 1012 at Macworld Expo next week (and we'll post our streaming schedule in advance this year), but the Conference kicks off on the 26th with a plethora of awesome events for attendees to check out. With a special discount ($15 Expo pass or 10% off conference registration) available here, we're dying to know: Are you going? Let us know in the comments if you do plan to attend, and/or what you're interested in seeing us cover if you won't be there.

This year we'll be paying special attention to anything we can get our grubby little hands on. So look for a lot of breakage as we rampage the show floor, testing equipment and posting videos or text and galleries. Of course, this is a trade show as well, so there will be panels, special events and more, but the real focus for us is a chance to try out all the stuff we've heard about leading up to the Expo itself.

Look for some announcements next week detailing where you can catch our coverage, meet the team and win some prizes! Oh, and expect some awesome surprises to be announced during our daily livestreaming coverage.

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