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Drop7 dev Area/Code becomes 'Zynga New York'


New York City-based developer Area/Code Inc. is the newest part of Zynga's growing family. The studio will henceforth be known as "Zynga New York." Zynga chief game designer Brian Reynolds announced as much on his Twitter account, welcoming the new studio into the fold: "Introducing Zynga New York! Welcome to the family Area/Code!"

A piece on Area/Code's website celebrates the acquisition, also confirming that Frank Lantz will stay on as creative director and Demetri Detsaridis as general manager -- co-founder Kevin Slavin seems to be out of the picture, with a comment stating he "remains nearby but focused on other new ventures." A statement from Zynga on its website echoes Area/Code's excitement."We recognize great talent, and Area/Code shares our passion for building lasting games that bring family and friends together for fun," it reads. Allow us to ask the first logical question, if you will -- when will Drop7 appear on Facebook?!

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