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Hello Kitty Online meets Manhattan


New York City is, like, totally bummed out. Intrepid explorers in Hello Kitty Online recently found the city to be deserted due to an unknown cause -- Cloverfield monster? Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man? Sex and the City 3 filming downtown? Nobody knows! With its upcoming update, "Mysteries of New York," HKO players will dig deeper into this investigation while cheering up the emerging inhabitants.

Yup, that's right: Cheering them up. After all, this is Hello Kitty Online, a game that practically exudes pastel cheer from every pore. With the free January 24th update, players will engage in the return of the "Cheer System" which uses a variety of sparklers to lift the spirit of grouchy residents. Because nothing empowers one's attitude like a face-full of sizzling fireworks!

Mysteries of New York will contain a hefty assortment of other goodies as well, including costume sets, a sizable invasion of penguins, new pets and bosses, and a capsule machine that gives you the chance to win groovy prizes. You can check out all of the details of this update at Hello Kitty Online.

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